When an individual is added to the directory page, an icon will often appear near their team affiliation(s) stating either "activate", "invite", "re-invite":

  1. Activate

    1. The "Activate" icon will appear next to the names of people who have been added to the directory but are not an active/paid user in the account.

    2. You will be able to:

      1. Add that person's name to the Accountability Chart

      2. Click on their name on the directory to add details or a profile image

    3. They will NOT:

      1. Receive an email invitation the person an invitation to create login credentials

      2. Be assigned any Rocks, To-dos, Issues or Conversations.

  1. Invite

    1. The "Invite" icon will appear next to the names of users who have been invited to the account under any role but have not been sent an email invitation.

    2. The choice to not have email invitations sent is often used when a team wishes to build out the account and assign a user items before allowing them to access the account.

    3. To send our their invitation email so they may create login credentials, simply click "Invite".

  1. Re-Invite

    1. The "Re-Invite" icon will appear for users who have been sent an email invitation but have yet to click the link to create their login credentials.

    2. Ninety.io email invitation links are valid 14 days after being originally sent so if that 14 day period passes before the user has created their login, please select re-invite for a new link.

    3. If a user does not believe they have received the email but the "Re-Invite" icon is visible, please have them check the spam folder or revise the email address on their account in the directory. If the email needed revision, save changes before selecting re-invite.

If no such icon appears, the user has already accepted their email invitation, created their login credentials, and can access the company's account. If they have done so yet forgotten their password please visit: https://app.ninety.io/login and select "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?"

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