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Currently in Beta at Ninety
Currently in Beta at Ninety
Learn more about our Beta Program plus get a list of features currently available only to our beta companies.
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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Joining Beta

Ninety's Beta Program is open for any company to join and provides access to the most recent features to test in Ninety.

Important: When joining Beta, the entire company joins, not individual users.

The Ninety Product Team sends an email to all users, or push an in-app message, when new features are released. To join, chat with our Client Success Team to be added immediately. Leaving the Beta Program is just as easy — contact our CS Team, and we'll take care of everything.

Current Features In Beta

My 90

For the first iteration of Beta My 90, the following two widgets are available,

  • Team To-Dos

  • Personal To-Dos

  • Rocks and Milestones

In the current version of the My 90 dashboard, the Personal To-Do's are in the same widget as Team To-Do's and are only separated by a tag call out. We have changed that in the new My 90 to give you a better experience and organization of your To-Do list.

Within the new Rocks and Milestones widget, you see a collapsible list of Rocks and all their Milestones.

Learn how to utilize the features on the New My 90 page.


We have a variety of items ready to test in Zapier! We are asking for users familiar with Zapier to try the following Actions and Triggers:

  • Action: Create Issue*

  • Action: Create Headline*

  • Trigger: New To-Do* by team

  • Trigger: New To-Do* by user

  • Action: Add/subtract value to the score of a given KPI* for the current week

  • Action: Update Score of a KPI*

  • Action: Search KPI*

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