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Scorecard Trailing 4 & 13 Weeks

Easily view your weekly data on a monthly and quarterly basis using the trailing four week (T4W) and trailing 13 week (T13W) viewpoints.

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What Is the Trailing 4 & 13 Weeks Section of a Scorecard?

The Trailing 4 and 13 Weeks Tab (T4W & T13W) provides clarity on KPIs* across a collection of data accumulated over either 4 or 13 weeks. This enables more effective comparisons of data beyond week-to-week or by quarter.

Where Is It, and How Does It Work?

The T4W & T13W tab is visible next to the Weekly tab on the Data* tool page.

When you first enter the view, the page is blank, but you can quickly add metrics individually or from the Scorecard* by clicking the + next to Trailing 4 Weeks and Trailing 13 Weeks.

Here you see a real-time calculation of your weekly metrics.

Note: Both the Goals and the Scores are calculated based on your Weekly entries.

Note: The first column in Trailing 4 Weeks starts with the week you see on the Weekly Scorecard* — meaning that if you have the current week visible, that's where it starts.

Displaying Average or Total

The T4W & T13W page pulls an aggregate of the weekly data. You can choose if it should be the total or the average. Total is shown as the default. Change this by clicking on the KPI* and changing the setting under "T4W & T13W Goal Calculation" to either Total or Average. This change applies to both the 4- and 13-week sections.

The choice between Average or Total depends on each measurable you're tracking. For example, a percentage-based Measurable would use the Average rather than the Total for the calculation.

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