The Quarterly Session can be a valuable day for your team to review their accomplishments and plan for the future. Although some of these topics will be touched on during the meeting, in order to get the most out of our time there are a few items that should be prepared before clicking "start meeting" on

  1. Clean up the Short-term Issues List

    1. Short-term issues are indented to be the issues discussed throughout the quarter

    2. The remaining issues at the end of the quarter should be archived, merged, and/or moved to the Long-term Issues list if they are still relevant

    3. This can ideally occur during the IDS portion of the last L10 for the quarter

  2. Review the VTO and create Long-term Issues:

    1. Understand the teams VTO in preparation for the Quarterly Session

    2. Create Long-term Issues out of anything that needs adjustment, is missing, or no longer makes sense

  3. Review the Accountability Chart and create Long-term Issues:

    1. Create Long-term Issues about any structure changes that will need to be made

    2. Will seats be added?

    3. Will seats be changed?

  4. Make Issues of what you learned from your Rocks:

    1. If a rock is incomplete, what more needs to be done?

    2. Even if a rock is complete, have any new issues arisen? Did something change requiring further consideration?

  5. Prepare yourself:

    1. Quarterly Sessions are long meetings requiring everyone's full selves

    2. Prepare yourself both mentally and physically (sleep well, eat well, be well)

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