This functionality is currently in Beta. If you would like to join our Zapier Beta program, please access it here. You can see the other items we have in Beta here.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that lets you build automated workflows to connect your different applications! There is a free tier to using their product if you are just getting started.

With Zapier, it's easy to craft custom, automated solutions that fit the way you work. You can build your first Zap in just a couple of steps:

  • Choose a trigger. Every time it happens, your Zap runs automatically.

  • Then, pick an action—the task you want Zapier to handle for you.

Ninety Triggers: Start an automated workflow.

  • New To-Do Created (filtered by the team)

    • Anytime a new To-Do is created by X team, choose the action.

  • New To-Do Created (filtered by user)

    • Anytime a new To-Do is created by X user, choose the action.

Ninety Actions: After Trigger, actions update content in Ninety.

  • Create Issue

    • Creates a new issue on a specific team and user

  • Create Headline

    • Creates a new headline on a specific team and user

  • Update Measurable Details

    • Updates the details of an existing measurable

  • Update Measurable's Score

    • Updates a score for the current week of the selected measurable

  • Increase or Decrease a Measurable's Score

    • Incrementally update a score by a chosen value for the current week of the selected measurable

Getting Support

Because Zapier helps you connect to systems outside Ninety, your questions might involve software beyond Ninety.

If you need help setting up your Zaps, we recommend:

  • Reaching out to the Zapier support team via their website. They can help troubleshoot the Zap, understanding how you want to connect Ninety to the other software.

  • A third-party service such as Data Automation can build the Zaps you need for your team.

The Ninety Client Success Team can help you understand any of the Actions or Triggers above but cannot troubleshoot the Zapier software.

The Ninety Client Success team CANNOT create Zaps for you for security reasons. Zap creation requires logging your Zapier account, and we do not recommend you share your password with anyone, including our team.

What can you do with Zapier?

Here are some examples of Zaps you can build right now!

✅ Automatically put new To-Dos assigned to you in Ninety on your calendar.

  • I want to see my To-Dos on my calendar when the team assigns it to me in Ninety.

  • To do this, I set up:

    • TRIGGER: New To-Do created in Ninety on a team (or by a user).

    • FILTER: Check if the team has assigned a To-Do to me.

    • ACTION: Add event to Google Calendar.

✅ When a user completes a form in Appcues, create an issue.

  • I want an issue added to Ninety when a user completes a form.

  • To do this, I set up:

    • TRIGGER: Form Submitted in Appcues

    • ACTION: Create Issue in Ninety

✅ When my team adds a new tag to a conversation in Intercom, create a Headline in Ninety.

  • Whenever we receive Case-Study-worthy feedback in Client Success, I want a Headline created to talk about the conversation with our Marketing Team.

  • To do this, I set up the following:

    • TRIGGER: Tag added to the user in Intercom.

    • FILTER: So that I could filter just for the case study tag in Intercom that our CS team uses.

    • ACTION: Create a Headline in Ninety.

✅ Every Monday morning, get a number from our Domo reporting to update a Measurable's score.

  • I want to update the score of a measurable every Monday morning from our reporting system.

  • To do this, I set up:

    • TRIGGER: Schedule, every Monday at 6 am

    • ACTON: Webhooks, grab the webhook I am sending from Domo

    • ACTION: Update the Measurable's score in Ninety

✅ When a login issue is reported to our CS Team member, increase my Measurable "Login Issues" score by one.

  • During the week, I want to incrementally count up how many login issues are being reported to our Client Success team. This measurable lives on our CS and Development Scorecards.

  • To do this, I set up:

    • TRIGGER: Tag added to the user in Intercom

    • FILTER: So that I could filter just for the "Login Issue" tag in Intercom that our CS team uses

    • ACTION: Increase Measurable in Ninety by one

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