Lite User is currently only available in Beta. Learn more about our Beta Program.

What is a Lite user?

Lite user is a discounted role ($3/user/month) with limited capabilities. It's an ideal role level of access rights for employees who wouldn't usually play an active part in Ninety but who would still like to participate in Feedback Conversations.

How much does a Lite user cost?

Lite users are $3 per month compared to the $14 of a full-power user or the free Observer role. Full pricing details here.

Lite users do NOT fall into the pricing tiers, meaning each lite user is $3, regardless of how many there are and how many additional full users exist.

What can a Lite user do?

What primarily sets a Lite user apart from an Observer is your ability to leverage Ninety's powerful Feedback tool and give them the ability to own personal Rocks, Todos and Measurables.

Specifically, Lite Users can:

  • Access the My 90 page and have their personal Rocks, Todos, Measurables and Headlines

    • Rocks, Todos and Headlines cannot be shared with other teams in your account

    • Measurables the Lite User own can be put on team scorecards

  • Can start and participate in Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews on Feedback

    • If they have added personal Rocks, Todos and Measurables, this data will appear in the Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews

  • Can see and be added to your Accountability Chart™

    • No edit capabilities

  • Can see Process

    • No edit capabilities

  • Can see the portions of the company V/TO that are available to all teams

    • They cannot see team-level V/TO™ pages

What limitations are there to Lite users?

Lite users are not team members in your account, so they cannot participate in meetings, and they cannot be assigned Rocks, Milestones or To-Dos by anyone or the team. Their permissions on the Accountability Chart and Process tools are view-only.

How do I add a Lite user?

Follow the normal invite user process to add them to your company, selecting "Lite User" as their Role.

How do I convert an existing user to a Lite user?

Visit the Directory and change the user's Role to "Lite User."

  • Remember, you only have permission to do this if your Role is above that of who you wish to update. If you need to update a user you do not have permission to access, request an Owner or Admin in your account to do that for you.

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