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The Responsibilities Chart

On the Responsibilities chart*, each seat has Roles and Responsibilities that can be tied to KPIs*. What is the difference between a Role and a Responsibility? 

A Role defines your position and a Responsibility defines its functions. 


Roles are the functions of a Seat in given situations. This encompasses a larger vision of how an individual is contributing to the team as a whole.


Responsibilities are the specific activities or obligations that individuals are held accountable for according to their Roles. 


Roles and Responsibilities usually occur in pairs. KPIs will usually be tied to Responsibilities, but there are exceptions. Below are a couple of examples to get you thinking about your Seat.

Role: Research and development.
Responsibility: Creative roadmap for one product a month.

Head of Sales
Role: Turn qualified leads into customers.
Responsibility: Develop, refine, and perfect sales strategy.

Head of Operations
Role: Deliver final product on time and within requirements.
Responsibility: Smooth barriers and maintain strong communication strategy.

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