Creating a Quarterly or Annual Discussion

When creating a discussion, select the appropriate button in the Feedback tool.

Overview and Settings Tabs

The Overview tab is where the following can be added:

  • The discussion title

  • Time period outlining which item's due dates are included

  • The due date of the completed form

  • Any participants (either managers or managees)

There are additional toggles on the Settings tab to manage how participants evaluate themselves or parameters for the meetings and documents associated with the meeting.


Quarterly and Annual Discussions will be visible to both participants as well as any owners or admins on the account once both parties have submitted their forms. These responses will be saved in Ninety indefinitely and a meeting can be run within the system.


For Quarterly Discussions, participants will be able to export their own responses to PDF for saving and printing once both parties have submitted their responses.

For Formal Quarterly and Annual Discussions, both parties as well as any Owners and Admins in the account will be able to export a PDF side-by-side response view of the participants responses once both parties have submitted their responses.

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