When creating a Quarterly Conversation or Annual Review, you will be presented with a few option regarding the configuration of the form:


On the Quarterly Conversation there is a "Make Formal" toggle which will not appear on the Annual Review. The "make formal" toggle will treat the Quarterly Conversation with the same rules as an Annual Review. Traditionally Quarterly Conversation responses will only be visible by the individual filling out the form. The managee will not see the manager's responses and the manager will not see the managee's responses - regardless of the users' roles. Instead both individuals would print their responses before meeting in person to verbally discuss their thoughts without physical documentation.

Formal Quarterly Conversation and Annual Reviews, however, will be visible to both participants as well as any owners or admins on the account once both parties have submitted their forms. These responses will be saved in Ninety indefinitely and a meeting can be run within the system.


By default "Team members evaluate themselves" will be toggled on. If this toggle is changed the managee will only have the LMA review to fill out in order to complete the form. The manager will still evaluate the managee on the Core Values, their Accountability Chart seat, and have a self evaluation on the LMA questionnaire.

If the "LMA Questionnaire" toggle is turned off, the managee will not have the LMA questionaire to fill out although the manager will still self evaluate with the LMA.

If both toggles are turned off the managee will not have a form to fill out. The manager, however, will still complete a full review with a managee and manager assessment.


For Quarterly Conversations, participants will be able to export their own responses to PDF for saving and printing once both parties have submitted their responses.

For Formal Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, both parties as well as any Owners and Admins in the account will be able to export a PDF side-by-side response view of the participants responses once both parties have submitted their responses.

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