Archive the current version of your V/TO to review it in the future, saving a snapshot of your progress.

How it works:

When you run a Quarterly meeting in the meetings section, a copy of your V/TO will automatically save, or you can manually save it by pressing "Archive a copy of this V/TO".

This means all text you have entered along with the Issues, Rocks and Goals you have entered have been saved and stored in the "View Archived V/TOs" section. SWOT does not currently save.

Viewing Archived V/TOs

Hover over "View Archived V/TOs" to see the past versions that have saved. You can remove any versions you no longer need. When clicking on a date, it will load that V/TO from what was saved at that time on the Vision and Traction pages. The content will not be editable, and instead of the edit option you will see the date listed from which the content is pulling from.

At this time you cannot restore from a past version.

To go back to your current V/TO, click "View your team V/TO" which appears next to the Archive option when viewing a past version.

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