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How it Works

When you run a Quarterly Meeting* in the meetings section, a copy of your Vision* will automatically save, or you can manually save it by selecting "Archive a copy of this Vision*". All text you have entered along with the Issues*, Rocks*, and Goals you have entered will be saved and stored in the "View Archived Visions*" section.

Note: SWOT* does not currently save.

Viewing Archived Visions

Hover over "View Archived Vision*" to see the past versions that have been saved. You can remove any versions you no longer need. When selecting a date, it will load that Vision* from what was saved at that time on the Vision* pages. The content will not be editable, and instead of the edit option, you will see the date listed from which the content is pulling from.

Note: At this time you cannot restore from a past version.

To go back to your current Vision*, select "View your team Vision*" which appears next to the Archive option when viewing a past version.

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