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Teams are a critical component in Ninety's interface. In addition to standard teams, Ninety offers three specialized teams: Leadership, Project, and Private. These options can be selected during team creation, or they can be applied in Settings under Company Settings > Teams.

1. LT = Leadership Team

At least one team must be selected as the LT. Every Ninety account will, by default, create an LT (Leadership Team).

The LT is the only team able to edit the Core Values*, Purpose/Cause/Passion*, and CAGs*. Those fields are set by the LT and cascade down to the other teams.

The Leadership Team also controls which team lists Company Rocks* rather than Departmental Rocks*.

2. Project Team

Ninety allows for as many Project Teams as a company needs. These teams have the same functionalities as a standard team but without an independent Vision*.

3. Private Team

Creating a Private Team is excellent for 1-on-1* feedback meetings.

Here are some details for Private Teams:

  • Only users on the team can see a Private Team. No other users can see a Private Team or assign content to the team.

  • Anyone with an Owner* role can add themselves to the team, but other users can't adjust a Private Team's members.

  • The Owner* can change any team to Private.

Standard Teams

Creating additional teams without selecting LT, Project, or Private will add teams with the same functionality as a Private Team, with the addition of having their own Vision*.

Now start creating and assigning teams!

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