In settings, your teams can be one of three things.

1. LT = Leadership Team

You must have at least one team selected as your LT. Your account will, by default, create a LT (Leadership Team).
The LT is the only team able to edit the Core Values, Purpose/Cause/Passion, Niche and 10-Year Target™ for the V/TO™. Those fields are set by the LT and cascade down throughout the other teams. 

LT also controls which team lists "Company" Rocks, rather than the others being called "Departmental".

2. Project Team

You can add as many Projects into Ninety as you like. A project will have the same functionalities as a normal team, but they will not have a V/TO™.

3. Private Team

Creating a Private Team is great for a Same Page or One on One meeting.

  • Only users on the team can see a Private team. No other users can see a Private Team or assign content to the team.

  • Anyone with an Owner Role can add themselves to the team, but other users cannot adjust a Private Team's members. (Same with the Implementer Role)

  • Owner Role can change any team to Private (even if they aren't on it).

4. Normal Team 

Creating additional teams without selecting LT, Project or Private will allow you to have additional teams that have the same functionality as the LT in Ninety (with the exception of not being able to edit Core Values, Purpose/Cause/Passion, Niche and 10-Year Target™).

Now start creating and assigning your teams!

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