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Where is the Fit Check?

Visit the 1-on-1* page in the left navigation to use the Fit Check*!

What is a Fit Check?

This feature allows you to conduct a one-way review on anyone in your Directory* that is assigned a Responsibilities Chart* seat. Use this to do a quick Core Values and Competency, Commitment, and Capacity (CCC)* check if an issue comes up when you are hiring them, if they are moving to a new seat, or shifting in another way. This is a one-way review, and is not meant to replace your Quarterly Discussion*, it is used in addition.

How to use it

In the Fit Check* tab, you will see a list of all users in your Directory*.

Select New Review, then which individual you would like to review.

Tip: If any "New Review" buttons are grayed, it means they are not assigned a Responsibilities Chart* seat.

Completing the Fit Check

Select +, +/-, or - for the Core Values which are pulled from your company's Vision* page. Then select Yes or No for Competency, Commitment, and Capacity.

With each field Selected, you can click SAVE.

View Completed Fit Checks

Select the name of the person you just submitted the review for. It will open their information and you can see the Fit Check* you just submitted along with any previous reviews completed. You will see responses over time for those you have access to view. Each seat will appear separately.

What can you and your users see? (Permissions)

For Owners/Admins*, they can see Fit Checks* for all users over time. For Managers* and Team Members*, they can only see Fit Checks* they have submitted, or that have been submitted about them.

Note: There are no restrictions on who can complete a Fit Check* on another person.

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