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Configurable Language
Configurable Language

Customize terms that appear throughout Ninety in Company Settings.

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Configurable Language Settings

Ninety allows an organization's Admin to customize standard terms as they appear through the tools. For example, if a group refers to To-Dos as Action Items, a user can update Ninety's settings to replace the term's appearance across the platform.

To update terms, navigate to Settings and select Our Language under Company Settings.

Updating a Term

The standard terms available for customization are organized by the tool they are commonly associated with. To update a term, follow these steps,

  1. Click the term to be updated.

  2. Write in the new term.

  3. Click Save Changes at the top of the screen.

  4. Refresh the page to view the changes.

Restoring Default Terms

To restore a single term, click the circular arrow next to any term to reset it to default, then click Save Changes.

To restore all terms, click Reset to Default at the top right of the page to restore all configurable terms to default, then select Save Changes.

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