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Questions about cost? Read more about cost of Ninety per License, tiers, and tax here.

The Billing Page

Navigate to the Billing page in Settings under Company Settings to view information regarding an organization's Ninety subscription.

Note: Only those with the Manager*, Owner*, and Admin* roles can view and adjust these settings.

The Overview Page

View the following under the Subscription Overview header:

  • Free trial length

  • Available and total licenses

  • Renewal Date and Cost

  • Option to cancel the subscription (Managers* are NOT able to cancel a subscription, only Owners* and Admins* can)

View the following under the Billing Overview header:

  • Payment method

  • Billing Contact

Changing the Payment Method

Click the "Change payment method" link under the Billing Overview header and complete the appropriate information to change the credit card or PayPal account used as a payment method.

The Licenses Page

Click on the licenses tab to see a list of licensed users and their roles.

  • "Standard Licenses" shows the total license count occupied by users with full access to Ninety in all paid roles.

  • "Free licenses" displays the number of free licenses occupied by users with limited access or functionality, like Observers (view only), Directory only users, or Coaches/Implementers.

Note: Use the Directory tool to add users, change their roles, and update the number of used licenses on the Billing page. Review this article for more on role types.

Clicking the more options icon (...) next to a user allows for changing a standard licensed user to an "observer" role, which will not count toward used Standard Licenses. However, that individual will only be able to view information related to their team and cannot edit anything or access settings.

Managing Licenses

The license count will automatically increase as you add paying users to your account. Paying users are any users invited with a paid role, or an existing person changed to a paid role.

When a license is added, it is billed immediately for the pro-rated amount left on the term. When a license is removed, the total amount paid will be removed from the next monthly or annual payment.

Note: Under the Ninety 30-day Trial, owners and admins can add and remove licenses freely at no charge.

To manage the number of licenses for a subscription, select the Manage Licenses button on the top-right of the page. From there, increase or decrease the number of Standard Licenses available for the account.

Note: Users cannot go below the number of assigned licenses to the account.

The Invoices Page

Previous invoices sent to the contact listed on the Billing Overview Page will appear on the Invoices Page.

The Invoices Page shows:

  • When the charge occurred

  • How much was charged

  • Whether it was Paid, Not Paid, or if there is an upcoming charge

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