New My 90 (Beta)
We have listened to your feedback and created a completely customizable dashboard for you.
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We have heard your requests for a more customizable My 90 experience, and we are proud to say it is now in Beta. Once you are signed up for Beta, you can toggle between the new My 90 page and the current page to ensure all functionality is available.

We are now on the second iteration of Beta My 90, and the following widgets are available,

  • Team To-Dos

  • Personal To-Dos

  • Rocks and Milestones

In the current version of the My 90 dashboard, the Personal To-Do's are in the same widget as Team To-Do's and are only separated by a tag call out. We have changed that in the new My 90 to give you a better experience and organization of your To-Do list.

Accessing New My 90

Once you've signed up for the Beta program, your My 90 page is replaced with the new Beta version of My 90. To see the original page with all widgets and charts, toggle New My 90 off.

Adding or Removing New My 90 Widgets

within the New My 90 page, you can chose which widgets display on your dashboard. To add or remove a widget, select Edit Layout from the top right of your screen. This opens a sidebar with a list of all available widgets. The widgets already on your dashboard are shown with a checkmark to the left of their name.

My Rocks and Milestones Widget

The new Rocks and Milestones widget allows you to see an organized list of all your rocks and milestones. Just as within the Rocks dashboard, you can create rocks/milestones from here, you can also mark milestones complete, and update the Rock status.

What's Next?

This iteration of My 90 added a Rocks/Milestones widget, the next phase is the Scorecard widget.

All widgets on the new My 90 page are customizable. Customizable options include,

  • Location on the screen

  • Size of the widget

  • If it displays at all, you can remove or add widgets as you desire.

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