Issue Voting

When you have a long list of Issues, let your team vote on what they want to discuss.

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Overview of Issue Voting

When in a meeting, especially a quarterly or annual, the list of Issues can get lengthy. Ninety has come up with a way to assist in prioritizing what is discussed through Issue voting. This feature allows team members in the meeting to vote on the Issues they think are the most important.

Company Configuration of Issue Voting

Issue Voting is a company-wide setting that can be turned on or off by users with Manager* or Admin permissions. Whatever is decided at the company configuration level is cascaded down through all teams. Here's how to turn Issue Voting off or on:

  1. Go to Settings from the sidebar.

  2. Select Configuration.

  3. Under Issues, toggle Voting to On.

Enabling or Disabling Issue Voting

When in the Issues* section of a meeting, select the thumbs-up icon to enable Issue voting. The icon becomes gray and you see the thumb icon on each Issue line. This means that voting is enabled and your team members can now vote on the Issues.

To disable Issue voting, select the thumbs-up icon again.

Once an Issue has been voted on, you see the number of votes it received in line with the Issue name and thumb icon.

Once all votes have been cast, the meeting leader can then sort by the number of votes and start the discussion accordingly.

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