This article will help you understand two things:

  1. Deactivating a User: Removing someone as a user (taking away their login), but keeping them on the Directory so they can still be seen on the Accountability Chart.

  2. Deleting a Person: Completely removing someone from your account so they no longer have a login and are not seen on the Directory.

Both options ensure that person can no longer log into that specific company you are removing them from.

What happens to the deleted/deactivated user's content?

All CURRENT/OPEN content will remain on the team that it is assigned to, and assigned to the deleted/deactivated user. This is so you can assign it to another team member.

(*Note: Rocks will specifically move to the bottom of the list in "Users no longer on team" section)

All ARCHIVED content will stay in the archive, still owned by the deleted/deactivated user.


Deactivate a User

Visit the Directory, click on the name, and click Deactivate User.

Result: Their name will still be on the Directory, and visible as an option on the Accountability Chart.

Delete a User

Visit the Directory, click on the name, and click Remove User.

Result: Their name will be removed from the Directory completely.

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