Below are the instructions for adding the Ninety icon to a mobile home screen for both iPhone and Android devices. These steps will allow one-click access to Ninety's web-based platform so that it works just like an app!


  1. Open Safari

  2. Visit to log into the account

  3. Click the bottom center share button

  4. Choose "Add to Home Screen"

  5. Press "Add"

Click on the icon to log in and start using the software from any iPhone!


  1. Open Google Chrome

  2. Visit to log into the account

  3. Select the top right 3 dots

  4. Choose "Add to Home screen"

Note: Always use the browser that comes pre-loaded on the device: Google Chrome for Android and Safari for iPhone. If a user is utilizing a different operating system, let us know, we are ready to help!

Now with Ninety on any home screen, check out how to start adding Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues with our texting service — Henryx.

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