In this article we will cover how to add Steps below Core Processes, and Sub Steps below the Steps.

Creating New Steps

To create a new Step underneath a Core Process select the + sign in the bottom-center of each Core Process. Once one Step has been created, the option will be to expand the Steps, and then add a new Step to the far right of the existing (show in the video).

You can also create a Sub Step below a Step. This should be used only if there are multiple steps within the specific Step. Sub Steps (the 3rd level) will be the furtherest you can drill down into steps.

We've made it easy to communicate on these items by allowing you to send direct links to each tile, and numbering the Steps, and providing lettering on Sub Steps. So you can tell your teammates you are working on "Sub Step Sales 1a".

Assign the Owner

You can assign an owner by clicking on the person icon on the tile. This will pull up a list of your Accountability Chart seats, and from there you can select a person that sits on the seat you choose. 

In order to assign a process to a person they must be assigned to an Accountability Chart seat.

Edit the Sub Process

Use the edit icon to open the details. The title and description of the Sub Process will save automatically when changed.

Create a Details List

Include a detailed bullet point list to display a checklist or a simple breakdown of items. Click Add Item in order to add an additional point, and hover to the left of each item to re-arrange them.

Attach a Measurable

Measurables that have been created for your Scorecard can be added to any Step & Sub Step! Think about what measurables you should connect to tell you if your process is being effective. Ask yourself: Are all steps being completed? How do I know these steps are being completed successfully?

Attach a Document

Any file type can be attached to a step. Keep in mind, all users can see the Process page. There are no permissions around documents, so anyone will be able to download and view these items.

Don't forget, you can turn your Process into an issue or a to-do through the More Actions button!

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