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A rundown of the Ninety dashboard.
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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

My 90 Page

The My 90* page is the home base in Ninety. This individualized dashboard shows you all your owned content.

My To-Dos

To-Dos* are the tasks assigned to users by themselves or their team. They can range from critically important to personal chores. Often To-Dos* are created in Weekly Team Meetings* during the RDR* portion or when parsing out Milestones* from Rocks*. When creating a To-Do* it assigns a default due date of 7 days from the creation day. Edit this by clicking the calendar icon once you open to To-Do*.

Personal To-Dos* only show up on the My90* page. To-Dos* without the Personal tag are visible to team members.


Rocks* are the highest priority goals of the quarter. Use My 90* list to manage their statuses.

  1. Establish SMART Rocks* - even considering how they could positively impact the company’s 1-Year Goals.

  2. Set up Milestones* - Milestones* establish smaller, more manageable goals and can loop in coworkers' help and expertise.

For more information, check out — SMART Rocks & Milestones.

Remember: Just because someone owns the Rock* does not mean they do all the work. However, it does mean they are responsible for it. Rock* owners secure the resources, delegate Milestones, and set timelines. If the Rock* slips off track, add it to the Issues* list so matters can be resolved.


Milestones* are how we break Rocks* into smaller, more manageable goals. They can be sequenced, giving any Rock* a definitive path to completion, or assigned to multiple members of the organization. Each Milestone* accomplishes a specific component of the Rock*.

Milestones* show up on the My 90* page just below the Rocks* tab. A Rock* icon appears next to the Milestone’s due date. Clicking the icon pulls up the Rock* to make updates and comments.

My KPIs (Measurables)

The My KPIs* tab lists out the KPIs* the logged-in user owns. You can decide if the KPI* updates each week, or they can delegate the KPI* to another team member. Updating the information here also updates the KPI* on the team’s Scorecard.

My 90 Charts

The My 90* charts reflect data from To-Dos*, Rocks*, and KPIs*. The dropdown menus allow you to filter content by team and type of graph.

To-Do Chart

The To-Do* Chart presents To-Dos* created in the last 90 days; including archived To-Dos*. The completion percentages are based on the original due date rather than the most recent date.

Rocks Chart

The Rocks* Chart displays the status of all Rocks* that have not been archived or deleted.

KPIs Chart

KPI* performance is based on the last three data periods for the time frame selected.

Green indicates that the KPI* has been on track for all three weeks, yellow indicates missing one or more periods, and red indicates all three scores have been below target.

While the My 90* page already puts content in one spot, users can further filter items by selecting teams in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Additionally, here are two more features to become familiar with when new to Ninety.

1. User Icon — home to individual user settings.

Here users can:

2. Next is the CREATE button, the go-to for new To-Dos*, Rocks*, Issues*, and Headlines*.

Click CREATE and then select:

  1. What it is - Title

  2. Where it goes - Team

  3. Who it’s for - Owner

  4. When it’s due - Due Date (not available on Issues/Headlines)

Note: The item created belongs to an individual, but all team members can view it.

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