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A rundown of the Ninety dashboard.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

New My 90

We have heard your requests for a more customizable My 90 experience, and we are proud to say it is now in Beta. Once you are signed up for Beta, you can toggle between the new My 90 page and the current page to ensure all functionality is available.

All widgets on the new My 90 page are customizable. Customizable options include,

  • Location on the screen

  • Size of the widget

  • If it displays at all, you can remove or add widgets as you desire.

The following widgets are available within the New My 90,

  • Team To-Dos

  • Personal To-Dos

  • Rocks and Milestones

  • Scorecard

  • Charts

    • To-Do's

    • Rocks

    • KPIs

Accessing New My 90

Once you've signed up for the Beta program, your My 90 page is replaced with the new Beta version of My 90. To see the original page with all widgets and charts, toggle New My 90 off.

Adding or Removing New My 90 Widgets

Within the New My 90 page, you can choose which widgets display on your dashboard. To add or remove a widget, select Edit Layout from the top right of your screen. This opens a sidebar with a list of all available widgets. The widgets already on your dashboard are shown with a checkmark to the left of their name.

My Rocks and Milestones Widget

The new Rocks and Milestones widget allows you to see an organized list of all your rocks and milestones. Just as within the Rocks dashboard, you can create rocks/milestones from here, you can also mark milestones complete, and update the Rock status.

Team To-Dos and Personal To-Dos Widget

The new New My 90 layout provides two different widgets for To-Dos so you can keep your team-related and personal To-Dos separate while still being able to track completion and due dates.

Scorecard Widget

The Scorecard widget displays a chart so you can easily analyze all your assigned KPIs.

To-Do, Rocks, and KPI Chart Widgets

The Chart widget provides three different chart options to enhance efficiency tracking and visually represent your overall status within each chart.

My 90 Page

The My 90* page is the home base in Ninety. This individualized dashboard shows you all your owned content. Our new feature, My New 90, provides the same functionality as the current My 90 page but is completely customizable so you get the most out of your My 90 data.

My To-Dos

To-Dos* are the tasks assigned to users by themselves or their team. They can range from critically important to personal chores. Often To-Dos* are created in Weekly Team Meetings* during the RDR* portion or when parsing out Milestones* from Rocks*. When creating a To-Do* it assigns a default due date of 7 days from the creation day. Edit this by clicking the calendar icon once you open to To-Do*.

Personal To-Dos* only show up on the My90* page. To-Dos* without the Personal tag are visible to team members.


Rocks* are the highest priority goals of the quarter. Use My 90* list to manage their statuses.

  1. Establish SMART Rocks* - even considering how they could positively impact the company’s 1-Year Goals.

  2. Set up Milestones* - Milestones* establish smaller, more manageable goals and can loop in coworkers' help and expertise.

For more information, check out — SMART Rocks & Milestones.

Remember: Just because someone owns the Rock* does not mean they do all the work. However, it does mean they are responsible for it. Rock* owners secure the resources, delegate Milestones, and set timelines. If the Rock* slips off track, add it to the Issues* list so matters can be resolved.


Milestones* are how we break Rocks* into smaller, more manageable goals. They can be sequenced, giving any Rock* a definitive path to completion, or assigned to multiple members of the organization. Each Milestone* accomplishes a specific component of the Rock*.

Milestones* show up on the My 90* page just below the Rocks* tab. A Rock* icon appears next to the Milestone’s due date. Clicking the icon pulls up the Rock* to make updates and comments.

My KPIs (Measurables)

The My KPIs* tab lists out the KPIs* the logged-in user owns. You can decide if the KPI* updates each week, or they can delegate the KPI* to another team member. Updating the information here also updates the KPI* on the team’s Scorecard.

My 90 Charts

The My 90* charts reflect data from To-Dos*, Rocks*, and KPIs*. The dropdown menus allow you to filter content by team and type of graph.

To-Do Chart

The To-Do* Chart presents To-Dos* created in the last 90 days; including archived To-Dos*. The completion percentages are based on the original due date rather than the most recent date.

Rocks Chart

The Rocks* Chart displays the status of all Rocks* that have not been archived or deleted.

KPIs Chart

KPI* performance is based on the last three data periods for the time frame selected.

Green indicates that the KPI* has been on track for all three weeks, yellow indicates missing one or more periods, and red indicates all three scores have been below target.

Additional Features

While the My 90* page already puts content in one spot, users can further filter items by selecting teams in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Additionally, here are two more features to become familiar with when new to Ninety.

User Icon

Within the User setting page, you can edit your individual user settings, such as,

  • Upload a profile picture

  • Set up text-to-create

  • Schedule notification emails

  • Select preferred date formats

  • Input contact details

  • Link social media like LinkedIn


Selecting the CREATE button provides a pop-up that allows you to create ne To-Dos, Rocks, Issues, and Headlines.

  1. Click CREATE and then select

  2. What it is - Title

  3. Where it goes - Team

  4. Who it’s for - Owner

  5. When it’s due - Due Date (not available on Issues/Headlines)

Note: The item created belongs to an individual, but all team members can view it.

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