How to Print Processes:

Visit the Process page in Ninety, and click on the PDF button on the top right filters bar.

No matter what you have filtered to see on the process page, the PDF export will be the same.

What is exported?

The PDF button will generate a document with all Core Processes, Steps and Sub-Steps. All details are also included: Title, Description, Owner, Measurables, Bullet Point Details, etc.

The format will show the first Core Process, then indented will be the Steps and Sub-Steps below that. Step and Sub-Step numbering / alpha ordering will follow what has been entered in app.

An example of the HR Core Process, the Hiring Step, is below with the Search and Interviewing Sub-Steps below.


Right now, there is not an option to export a single process or Core Process group, but we are looking to add the option in the future. This would allow the user to choose to print all Core Processes or just a single view.

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